CountryWide is proud to be a Tarion member in good standing.

Tarion is a non-profit organization that watches over the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan, which every new home in Ontario is covered by. They help new homebuyers and builders enroll for warranty coverage. They’re also responsible for looking into warranty concerns, as well as building practices. Tarion is in place to ensure and promote the highest standards of construction and development amongst Ontario’s developers. These are the four ways in which they work for you:


Tarion makes their online videos library, new homeowner information package, builder updates, and specialized publications so can look in to, and understand your rights.

Warranty Enforcement

Tarion works with builders and homeowners to ensure that warranties are respected, and provided in a proper manner. They also manage a guarantee that can be provided to new owners in the event of a bankruptcy, or builder refusal.

Builder Licensing

Tarion promotes a high level of construction. To make sure this standard is met, builders must demonstrate their technical experience, customer service capabilities, and financial standing in order to receive a license from them.

Identifying and Prosecuting Illegal Building

Tarion has a group of highly qualified investigators who regularly look into vendors and builders who do not register with them or fail to enroll new homes.

CountryWide Homes is a member of Tarion in good standing. We embrace their standards, and support all of our homebuyers in accordance with them.
For more information on Tarion, your warranty, or your rights as a new homeowner visit www.Tarion.com