11 Home Decor Accent Mural Design Ideas

11 Home Decor Accent Mural Design Ideas

Are you looking to transform a dull, blank wall into a beautiful piece of artwork? Look no further than an accent mural wall. What's an accent mural, you ask. An accent mural is an interior wall whose design feature is to highlight one wall in the room. Accent mural walls are specifically incorporated into a room to be the focal point and can heavily influence the rest of your design choices.

Thinking of decorating your baby room with floral wallpaper because it's pretty and feminine, but have you thought of how that choice might influence other aspects of your interior space? It's best to go with something you are confident will complement your taste and give the room the perfect ambiance. Finding inspiration for an accent mural wall can be challenging. That's why we love Photo Wall's blog. With over 20,000 different styles, aesthetics, motifs and backgrounds to choose from, you can change the mood of any room. And to help you get started, here is a list of 11 accent mural design ideas to get your personality to shine through.

1. Bright and Bold A bright and bold accent wall is a surefire way to make a statement. Take a giant step into the world of energizing hues and dramatic tones. To harmonize with the rest of the room, try picking a colour that's already in the room's décor elements, like throw pillows or curtains.

2. Textured Textured murals are unique and add a certain level of vivid attention to detail, perfect for any room. They also make for great ice-breakers at your next dinner party. Add them to your living room to bring out the rich colours of your couch or to your kitchen backsplash to make cooking extra fun.

3. Brick & Wood Who has the time or resources to lay wood panels or build a brick wall? No one. However, wood panelling/planks and brick accent walls are so in. There are many different ways to showcase these kinds of designs. From the shape of the panels to, colour of the bricks, choose shapes and colours that best suit your style and decor.

4. Understated Pastels Watercolours, paint pouring, subtle rainbows, these murals shy away from centre stage and let the decor do all the talking. Choose tones that perfectly blend like a mosaic of muted tones and pastels, leaving the room feeling light and airy.

5. Go Green Here's a plant that will never die no matter how hard you try. Flora and fauna murals are here to stay. They make the perfect backdrop for your real-life plants and provide enough colour and vibrant ambience to make any room feel like a botanical retreat.

6. Shape it up Geometric shapes have a way of giving us that post-modern retro vibe without feeling too outdated. We love the different colours and the extra visual interest these murals bring to just about any living space.

7. One-line artwork For the minimalist in all of us, one-line art murals have a way of transforming even the most eclectic interiors into the picture of simplicity and serenity. If you're looking to commit to the minimalist aesthetic, in addition to the single-line artwork, add a few understated pieces that focus on form and functionality.

8. Into the night Don't be afraid of the dark. No, seriously, black and darker hues make for an elegant and romantic addition to bedrooms, especially rooms with lots of natural light. Just so it's not too dark, opt for white linens and lighter-toned accent furniture.

9. Animals Nothing says statement wall like a roaring lion. Animal-themed mural walls with bears and foxes can make a child's bedroom feel like a favourite storybook has come to life, or a majestic horse mid-stride in your home office can make you feel like your ready to take on whatever the week has in store. Give it a try.

10. Words & Quotes Words are powerful. Sometimes a simple word can make or break your entire day. That's why there's been a rise in motivational quote murals. To make a bold statement in your home, choose a quote that means something to you and one that you wouldn't mind looking at every day. And if you can't quite commit, there are removal quote mural, so you're not completely tied down.

11. Cityscape Maybe you've always wanted to take a trip to Barcelona for the spectacular views, maybe you remember quite fondly that weekend getaway in college to New York, or perhaps you've always loved the Toronto city skyline. Cityscape murals were created for wanderlust natives who want to feel at home in their favourite places. Try this style as an addition to your living room, bedroom backdrop or even as a hallway wall divider.