Accent Furniture Trends 2021

Top styles in accent design

COVID-19 has had an impact on every part of our lives. Not just work, and school, even trips to the grocery store have been affected in some shape or form. It shouldn't be a surprise when we say that our everyday lives also impacted interior fashion in 2020. While we still navigate life in a pandemic, we understand that more attention needs to be directed towards the spaces we spend the most time in. Even before the pandemic, our houses have always been the home to our fondest memories. And now, in 2021, we are spending more time at home, but not much time is spent making memories.

While 2020 brought new trends to interior design, we must step our game up in 2021. This year we dive into trends that are big on the home front. Pandemic or not, you always want your home to look chic, and staying on top of the latest accent furniture trends is the place to start.

Landscape Tapestries

The wave of tapestries being featured in homes is growing in 2021. Many homes are using antique landscape tapestries as focal points for their rooms. In some cases, tapestries may be a better option than a painting because their texture and colours bring a dynamic element to a room. Antique landscape tapestries have designs that feature idyllic topography with vibrant colours and shades. An added benefit for tapestries is they come in different shapes and sizes and can be used in almost any room in your home.

Sculptural Furniture

Accent pieces are intended to be striking visuals that capture the eye and stand out from the rest of the space. Sculptural furnishings bring new shapes and much-needed drama to a neutral room. If you’re on the market for furniture that comes in unique forms, then you’ll have plenty of options. Start small by looking for unique lamps, side tables or planter pots. If you want to take a bold step, then purchase light fixtures or sofas with organic forms.

Add Nature

We know what you’re thinking, "I thought this article was about accent furniture?” While the focus is on furniture, adding nature to space has the same results, it stands out and brings more layers of intricacy and life to a room. The trend for 2021 is adding nature or life to spaces.

Go green with real plants, and stay away from faux options. Biophilic designs are a great option too. Nature benefits our health and psyche. It freshens the air and calms soothes us after a long workday. Adding a living wall or a low-maintenance biomantage to a corner space in a room can make a considerable difference both aesthetically and emotionally.


Europe has always been fashion-forward. When looking for accent furniture, go for pieces that have European-inspired detailing. French, Italian and German influences are easy to find in any furniture store. Look for sloping armchairs that can be featured in a sitting room or bedroom. You can also utilize knife-edge welted pillows on your sofa for added appeal. Finally, showcase tables and chairs with metal legs for a sleek, modern look.

Return of Rattan

Ladies and gentlemen, rattan and wicker, have made a return to the world of home design. Many homes are featuring rattan and wicker furniture in all areas of the home. From bedrooms, living rooms and backyards. Rattan offers a fresh and relaxed vibe to any space. There are plenty of options to choose from, including chairs, tables and even lighting.