Advantages of a Ready to Move In Home

If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ve probably asked yourself ‘do I want to buy new, used, or pre-construction?’ Being the strong, financially independent person you are, you’ve done your homework when it comes to comparing the benefits and disadvantages of these three housing options. But did you know that there is a fourth, even better choice thanks to the advantages of Ready to Move In homes?

CountryWide Homes features a collection of Ready to Move In homes that combines the best of both worlds. They’ve got all the advantages of a home that’s already built, plus the benefits of buying brand new!

These are homes that will be lived in for the first time by you - and also feature a quick-closing, modern amenities, and all the exceptional advantages of a Ready to Move In home.


Oh, the Convenience!


One of the biggest advantages of a Ready to Move In home is that you get a brand new home full of amazing features and finishes at a competitive price. Nothing dampens your spirits like buying a house you know will require serious work and resources before you can enjoy it the way you want, especially if you had your heart set on enjoying your new home right away.

The Ready to Move In homes of CountryWide are already-upgraded with features and finishes, exist in established communities, and allow you to move in much sooner than buying new.


It’s All for You


Compared to buying an older home, one of the advantages of a Ready to Move In home is having something already created that you can truly make your own. With an older home, you’re not the first person or family to live there. Before you, there were people who already made memories, had experiences, and thought of that space as their own. Their pictures once hung on the walls and their style and tastes were reflected in the ambiance. It was for all intents and purposes - theirs. 

Now, while you and your family would be the home’s new inhabitants, there would always be that feeling that your story is only one part of the home’s tale. Taking advantage of a Ready to Move In home means that you get a brand new home absolutely primed and ready for its first family (that’s you!) Rather than buy a home that’s been worn-in by two are three families already, why not buy one that’s ready for it’s very first.


The CountryWide Advantage of a Ready to Move In Home


While other builders feature Ready to Move homes, they’re more like custom homes that are made-to-order. CountryWide’s got the advantage with their Ready to Move In homes because they’re already built. They come fully-equipped with preloaded features and finishes, they have quick closing dates as short as 90 days, and they allow you to start living the life you want without having to wait.

Plus, let’s not forget about CountryWide’s true advantage when it comes to Ready to Move In homes - all of the specialized perks! CountryWide makes it easy to purchase and complete the otherwise laborious process of actually moving in.

When you buy a Ready to Move In home, CountryWide handles all the moving, planning and expenses for you. The moving truck, movers, the coordination - everything is taken off your plate so that you can relax during what would otherwise be a very stressful occasion. And what’s more, you’re also provided with 10 big moving boxes as well! 


The Bottom Line


If you want the very best of both worlds and don’t feel like settling for someone else's plan or an old house, then choosing the advantage of a Ready to Move In home from CountryWide Homes could be the very best solution for you. 

Feel free to explore all the available Ready to Move In models and communities by clicking right here.