Back To School Checklist

Back to school time doesn’t just affect the students in the family; it’s a sizeable shift in routine for everyone. As families around the province prepare to send their kids back to school amid a pandemic, it’s helpful to have a guide. Here are some tips to ensure the whole family is ready for the fall.

1) Make a Schedule

Agree on schedules for both getting up early for school and bedtime. Put your children to the task and let them be an integral part of the conversation.

The morning is not the time to start negotiating. Ask your kids important questions beforehand, like, “How much time do you think you’ll need to do X?” Always leave room for adjustments if necessary. Routine is a huge mental aid for you and your kids.

Place the schedule in a common area, like the fridge, to ensure everyone is familiar with the plan. Ensure everyone is aware of after-school activities/ extracurriculars, especially if you have more than one child.

2) Early To Bed

Even though it will still likely be light outside, start heading to bed early two weeks before the start of school. Students should set their alarms earlier and earlier until they’ve reached the time they need to wake up for school. By doing this, you’ll be alert and awake on the first day of class.

3) Pre-Prepare Lunches

Put in the time and begin the night before. Make sure clothes are pulled out and ready to be worn. Have a plan for breakfast – and lunch (lunch money, packed lunch, or what to eat at home).

If heading to school, ensure the school bag is packed and ready to go ahead of time. Have everything that will go with your child, including shoes and important items, by the door. If school is virtual, prepare any books and supplies that will be needed tomorrow.

4) Tour The School

This is a good tip for students going into a new building. Set up a tour a month or so before classes start. This way, you can get a good look at the layout of the building, find your classrooms and become familiar with it before the mayhem of the first day.

5) Meet Teachers

While you’re at school, you might as well see your teacher(s). Set a time to meet, see the classroom and talk about the upcoming year. One less person to get to know once classes commence!

6) Dress Code

Get a copy of the dress code or uniform policy in advance. This will help you choose what to buy when you go back to school shopping.

7) Back To School Shopping

Speaking of back-to-school shopping, go back-to-school shopping! Getting all new binders, lunch boxes, backpacks, clothes, and other school supplies is half the fun of the new year. Stock up on extra supplies just encase, new shoes and maybe even a brand new first day of school outfit. Of course, don’t forget to include face masks and hand sanitizers.

This does not mean you have to break the bank, by the way. Consignment and thrift stores have great deals on clothes, backpacks and more.

8) Transportation

Make sure you’re clear on the pickup/drop-off locations and where the bus stops will be. If you’re a student that drives, see if you need a parking pass and how much it costs.

9) Take A Picture

And finally, whether preschool or med school, the first day is an important milestone. Snap a picture. It’s one you’ll never regret having.

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