Best Aspects Of Open Concept Floor Plans

When life throws you holiday events, birthday parties, and other occasions where you need to play host and entertain family and friends, open concept floor plans are there to save the day. A key benefit of this layout is that it connects multiple rooms in your home to the action.

Long gone are the days of a parent missing family room fun while whipping up a yummy meal in the kitchen. With this design, everything happens in an uninterrupted area that’s free-flowing and spacious. And, there’s more!

We’ve examined the best aspects of open concept floor plans to make it easier for you to decide if this layout is best for your new home.

Before reading, it’s a good idea to make a list of the annual and special events you’re committed to hosting. You might not think that you entertain often, but there could be at least one day per month when nothing but an impressive space will do.

The view is spectacular!

An open concept floor plan gives you the opportunity to see from your front door to your back door with no interruption (depending on your design). Clear sightlines make it easy for you to enjoy a terrific view from every angle and bask in an abundance of daylight.

The free flow of daylight that comes with an open layout also makes extra lighting fixtures unnecessary, therefore lowering your electricity bill.

Rearrange your furniture as much as you like!

Sometimes, you have to buy furniture to fit your space. However, open concept floor plans make it possible for your space to fit almost any kind of furniture. Love statement pieces and irregularly shaped décor? We have a floor plan for that!

Choose an oversized sofa or a custom-made, extra-large wood coffee table featuring a combination of cedar and glass. Your imagination is your only limit with this layout.

Multi-task like never before!

Work from home and have children? Picture setting up your dining room as your office and being able to keep an eye on your kids while they play and watch TV during the day. With an open layout, you can be in two places at once without missing a beat.

Do your guests tend to arrive before you’ve finished preparing for your celebrations? No problem! Entertain and cook at the same time when your kitchen is connected to your living or dining room. Your guests might even offer to help once they get a glimpse of your delicious creations.

Nothing makes a small space feel larger than removing some walls!

Separating rooms in your home can be good for isolating noise, providing privacy and hiding messy areas. However, sometimes the best “noise” is listening to your children laugh and play together or catching one of those rare instances when they’re getting along.

You’ll miss lots of special moments when there is a partition between you and your family. Instead, choose an open floor plan where everyone can be separate and together at the same time. Plus, your home will seem bigger because of blurry boundaries between rooms.

A place for everything and everything in its place!

Just because you have an open layout doesn’t mean your home will erupt into chaos. In fact, having a well-designed space helps your family maneuver in high traffic areas.

Picture preparing a meal with your family in the kitchen only: there is less room to move around and everyone fights over counter space and the sink. Parents and kids are bumping into one another and by the time dinner’s ready, frustrations are running high.

Now, imagine cooking supper in an open concept kitchen and dining room. Your kids are sitting nicely at the table and helping to peel vegetables while you work your magic at the counter. Give your family the chance to work together in a stress-free environment and the opportunity to bond more often.

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This welcoming 45’ single features an open floor plan where the family room, breakfast area and kitchen all connect. Listen to the morning news playing on the TV in the family room while you’re making school lunches in the kitchen and your kids are quietly eating breakfast.

Or, finally have the perfect place for a party. Designate your family room for dancing and your kitchen and breakfast area for refreshments and appetizers at your next event. Your guests will enjoy mingling in a central space where everyone has room to celebrate.

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