A Celebration of 15 Years of Premium CountryWide Homes

CountryWide Homes has a long and storied history of developing distinctive and well-crafted homes that our tradespeople can be proud of, and that our homeowners love to call their own. Since its inception in 2005, CountryWide Homes has laid more than 65 million bricks, created more than 1800 jobs annually, built more than 6000 homes in 28 communities, and has made more than 20,000 people happy by giving them the craftsmanship, exceptional service and caring they deserve when buying a home. And we’re very proud of those 15 years of accomplishment. 

Although CountryWide Homes’ story didn’t begin until 2005, the story of our founder, Angelo De Gasperis, began in 1954 when he and his brothers immigrated from Italy to Canada, founded Condrain, and began installing water and sewer lines in the Niagara Region. Condrain continued to grow over the years, expanding into land development and eventually branching off into other related companies. Fifty years later, Angelo decided to take his lifetime of experience in land development and formed a company that would deliver on his true passion for building premium homes. 

That moment marked the inception of CountryWide Homes, and of our first community in Upper Thornhill Estates. More communities were soon to follow in Brampton, Markham, Bradford, Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill and many other locations all around the Greater Toronto Area. With each new community, Countrywide Homes strove to surpass the high bar of their expectations for the quality and innovation of their homes. 

In 2009 they opened Eldorado Village in Brampton, the first live/work community of its kind in the city. The mix of tasteful urban design and luxurious comforts made this development one of the most sought after places to live in the GTA. In 2010 they had their 1000th closing, and in 2015 they opened four different communities before year’s end. With each new community, they built on the strong foundations that make CountryWide Homes the company it is today: attention to detail, inspiring and beautiful designs, pioneering and innovative advancements, and building trust with each and every prospective homeowner.

CountryWide Homes has always dedicated themselves to building to a higher standard. Their vision is to create new homes and communities that stand out amongst their peers, and inspire homeowners who are, themselves, striving for their own dreams. This philosophy has stood them in good stead for a decade and a half already, and will continue to guide them as they move forward into the next fifteen years of uniquely designed and meticulously built homes.

Currently, CountryWide Homes has properties available in more than a dozen different communities all across the GTA, as well as their Orange Carpet Estates Collection. This collection includes the finest residences CountryWide Homes has to offer, epitomized by their elegance, sophistication, quality, style and taste. These homes are available in a range of cities and from as early as 30-90 days all the way to late 2021 closings.

No matter what successes and challenges the future holds for CountryWide Homes, the company will face them with the same spirit of excellence they’ve always had. Positive attitudes, dedication and respect, and understanding that their customers have invested their hard earned money into their homes  -- these are the pillars upon which CountryWide Homes will build their company for the next fifteen years, as well as a dedication to give no less than their very best in return for the trust their homeowners give them. CountryWide Homes is dedicated to the work of changing people’s lives for the better, now and in the future.