CountryWide Homes – Building Trust through Education and Assisted Experiences

CW homes-building trust through education and assisted experiences

Published on: September 4, 2011

CountryWide Homes believes that buying a home should be a rewarding, exciting, fun and positive experience. After all, a home purchase is the single largest investment for most people. To ensure that they meet these objectives, they've created the CountryWide New Home Educational Roadmap. As a first step, CountryWide holds a New Homeowner seminar that allows prospective purchasers and recent buyers to meet various members of the CountryWide team. Once the relationships are formed, customers are educated on all aspects of buying a new home. They are introduced to CountryWide's new home buying and development process, followed by a question and answer period that allows buyers to ask questions to various CountryWide personnel; such as construction status, quality, workmanship, design changes and tips. Quite often buyers take the opportunity to visit and browse the elaborate 6,500-square-foot design studio and meet their design consultant.

CountryWide's second step involves an assisted tour of the design studio. Selecting finishes without the aid of a design consultant is overwhelming to most new home buyers, and for this reason CountryWide has implemented an assisted tour of the design studio. This step gives the homebuyer the opportunity to meet their personal design consultant and peruse the thousands of options while giving the design consultant the opportunity to better understand the lifestyle needs and desires of their new customers.

Prior to the physical construction of the home, a structural appointment is held. This allows the buyer to, once again, meet the design consultant and architect if necessary. Here they review structural needs such as electrical, plumbing, layout enhancements, moulding, trim, windows, doors, stone — virtually anything that deals with the shell or structural elements of the home, which can be very difficult to change once the house is in construction.

During the construction phase, buyers are scheduled back to discuss and select their features and finishes. By this time, the design consultant has a very good appreciation of the client and what they are looking for. This deep understanding allows the consultant to effectively help each buyer select everything from kitchen cabinetry to faucets, tiles, granite, paint, flooring, pickets and more.

At CountryWide Homes, purchasers can expect outstanding personal service from people who care about their satisfaction every step of the way.

Featured in HOMES Magazine September 2011