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Design Tips For The Kid’s Room

Children are always growing and changing. This is a very important time in their lives when personal development and future character is moulded. With this in mind, parents should try to create an inspiring environment for their kids.

Here are some suggestions to consider:



You can paint an entire wall in your child’s favourite colour or have light colours on the wall and complement them with colourful curtains. You might even change the window coverings according to the seasons or for special occasions.




Removable wall transfers are becoming more affordable and the availability of different patterns and colours is increasing. These temporary “wall tattoos” can add fun to a bedroom and make it easier to redecorate as the child grows older.




A good call is to invest in pieces that can easily be carried forward into an older and more mature space. A car-shaped bed might be fun but will get outdated very quickly. On the other hand, a beautiful dresser can be used for the entirety of a child’s lifetime and be child-friendly if it is decorated with the right objects. Designing a playground for a kid’s room might be tempting, but eventually, they will need a more diverse place to study and rest, so an amusement park won’t be a practical feature.


Storage and Organization


Whether you have a toddler or an 8-year old kid, they will always need storage. Allocate different areas for toys, books, and clothes, and keep them at an appropriate height, so your kids can help keep them organized. Benches, coat racks, closets and low shelves will make it easier for them to find and organize their belongings.


Educational Objects


Don’t focus exclusively on the design of the room. Be sure to incorporate interesting and educational elements such as charts, books, and toys, so your child can learn while playing.


When moving into a new home, spend some time planning your kid’s room. Your son or daughter will grow in a stimulating environment that will contribute to their development and long-term maturity. If you plan to stay for years or even decades, don’t forget to provide them a space that will evolve together with them.



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