Fun Activities To Do during March Break 2022

If you’re looking to have lots of fun through a variety of events and activities, then Ontario is the place to be. With the upcoming March break, you and your family are sure to find some wonderful adventures and cool activities that will create lasting memories. And with the government lifting almost all restrictions, the March break fun will be on a whole different level.

Here's a list of fun things to do on March break ranging from adventurous outdoor activities to seeing the city in a whole new way.


 Take advantage of the weather as the harsh part of winter is behind us. Kids love camping and are always up for it. You can enroll them in fun art & craft camps, ski & skating camps, leave them at one of those all-natural camps with lots of outdoor play or sign them up for some indoor madness. There’s plenty of camps that you can discover near your homes and even while exploring Ontario. You can take it a step further and introduce glamping as a march break fun idea.

 Pro tip: check out your local community centers, museums, and other attraction websites to know which programs are being offered.

Head over here to learn more on camping programs in Ontario


 Ontario is blessed to have one of the best mountainous landscapes which has been used to build amazing ski and snowboarding resorts. Mountain destinations surround Ontario, and they are great places for skiing and snowboarding. The Snow Valley Resort is a family favorite when it comes to winter fun. There’s also the Blue Mountain Resort, full of luxury and surrounded by a quaint village that has lots to offer. This is the best time to go for Skiing and snowboarding as the weather is much calmer. Check out these places for mountain top skating, fat biking, snowshoeing and more!


Now is a great time to look for value deals for a getaway package in Ontario. You can look at spa resorts, cozy cabin adventures or relax by the lake. There are unique packages designed to meet your and your family’s needs from accommodation to days full of fun march break activities.

This is the season when Ontario comes to life as we prepare to welcome Spring soon. The maple syrup festival is upon us and it brings lots of crafts for kids and family entertainment for all. Ontario has so much more to offer from dinosaur exhibits to march-themed afternoon tea at cafes. Keep visiting our blog for more march activities for kids and other day activities.