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How to Choose The Perfect House For You

There is no place like home. But where should home be? Buying your first home could be challenging, but we have some tips to help you choose the best location.

First of all, you need to determine what is more important to you and your family. If you have a family with kids and pets, a hectic place might not be a good idea and you should consider a small town or a community that will offer the right kind of amenities and entertainment for your kids.

Secondly, when buying a house, one should be aware of many variables to evaluate and pick the place to have a better and new life. Here is a list of important topics that you should consider to best suit your needs.

Good Schools

When you have children, one of your biggest concerns is finding a location with good schools. Even if you never plan on having children, being in a neighbourhood with good schools could be beneficial. Since young families are often in the market for their first or second homes they search in areas with good schools. The better the school district, the higher the value and the resale prices of surroundings homes.

You can use online tools to compare schools in various neighbourhoods in the GTA. Check here for some great resources.

Proximity to an Airport

If you have a job that demands frequent travel, you might consider buying close to an airport. Airports are typically outside of central areas of cities and closer to the border with other cities, but you can easily match living in a nearby town.

Commute and Public Transit

Living in the suburbs close to a metropolitan area could provide a good mix of a desirable neighbourhood and better job opportunities. For instance, you can still take advantage of the best employment opportunities in Toronto and live in Vaughan where you can enjoy local groceries stores, restaurants, pharmacies and all that is required for your daily needs, without having to drive too far on the weekend. Most metropolitan areas have plenty of public transportation options such as trains and buses.

Local Amenities

Even if you are considering a new community, there may not be an abundance of present amenities, but plans for future ones are just as important. Investment plans for new schools, hospitals, public transportation, and infrastructure may make the area an ideal community in just a few short years. When buying a new house, it typically takes a while before moving day, and dramatic changes can occur by the time that day arrives.

What makes a location undesirable?

A lot of factors could make a location less desirable, but some are more common than others. For example, houses facing busy intersections or backing onto a noisy highway. Also, any place located too close to a hospital, fire station, airport or police station could be very loud and congested with local traffic. Being just a couple of blocks away from these places could provide a significantly more peaceful place to live.

Finding a good new home demands some time and research, but your choice can impact the quality of life for you and your family for the coming years. Nowadays, new communities are being released every day and can provide easy access to local schools and all the amenities that you need. Home builders spend a large amount of time researching the neighbourhood and consulting with the local municipality before constructing a new project, so all you need to focus on is your moving day.



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