Important Life Skills For Kids

Important Life Skills For Kids While They Are Home

Since the global pandemic, parents all over the country have been doing their very best to create a routine for teaching at home. Although schooling has changed these past few months, and the fall semester is uncertain,  lessons essential to life remain the same. Whether you’re equipped with a curriculum or not, there are just some skills you need to teach your kids that don't exactly require a textbook or a Google classroom. In fact, these life skills can be naturally woven into your already existing day-to-day routines. Kids are sponges and they are ready to soak-up information and learn. Here are a few great, real-life skills that will benefit your children in the long run, along with some activities to develop life skills you and your kids will enjoy.

First Aid

First Aid is an essential life-skill we use all too often. Whether it's a knee scrape or a paper cut, kids will be kids and definitely come across an injury or two. While stocking your first aid kit, ask your child if they know what each item is and how to use it. If they're having some trouble, figure things out together with a demonstration.

Activities to develop life skills: The next time someone in the home needs First Aid, have your children walk through the procedure with you.

Learning about Money

Teaching children about money is a great idea. It's never too early to purchase a piggy bank so children can learn how to track and save money. Teaching children early will help them build good habits. What kid doesn't like to collect coins? Teaching them the value of their money will go a long way. And it’s rewarding to help them purchase something special with all the money they’ve saved. 

Activities to develop life skills: Next time you go to the corner store have your child bring a few bucks with them, and teach them how to add and subtract while at the store.

A lot of transactions are done online these days. For older children, teach them how to responsibly shop online. A lot of kids are purchasing downloadable content and upgrading their characters in their video games. Educate children on the importance of using a secure internet connection at home as well as how to build strong passwords, and checking in with an adult before making any purchases.

Household Chores

Some children love to help out around the house. However, most children don't know how much effort goes into making a home clean and tidy. Chores like dishwashing and vacuuming are childhood favourites. Let your kids help out by loading the dishwasher or, rinsing the dishes while standing on a small stool for extra height. Introducing children to chores early can certainly build skills that will help them become well-functioning adults.There are so many chores that children will find fun, especially when you turn it into a game. 

Activities to develop life skills: Make folding the most laundry a competition between parent and child, or see who can spread the bed the fastest.


Every kid has their favourite thing to eat. Whether it's pizza or grilled chicken, there is one meal your child can't get enough of. Teaching children how to make their favourite food will introduce other valuable lessons like measuring, knife safety, and keeping the kitchen clean. It will allow them to explore how different ingredients create unique flavours. And the best part about cooking with kids is you get to bond while eating a great meal.

Activities to develop life skills: Next time you're craving a hot slice of pizza, how about making it at home instead. They’re are tons of kid-friendly recipes you can recreate online.