Inject Vitamin C Into Your Home

What is it about a glowing fire or a brilliant summer sunset that holds our attention for hours? The colour orange is a captivating hue that is often overlooked in home decor because of its intensity. But when balanced correctly, orange will add a happy, stimulating and even healing atmosphere to your home.

Here are my tips for using orange in your home:

In the Kitchen

Orange tones are great for the kitchen if your cabinets are white and the space is in desperate need of warmth and character. Inject colour with bright small appliances or, if you're feeling brave, use a glass backsplash in a shade of tangerine.

In the Library

Stimulate your creative juices in the office with sprinkles of orange tones using desk organizers, an office chair, wall colour and even prints on the wall in a bright citrus colour.

In the Living Room

Try adding orange patterns as accents in throw cushions, artwork, an area rug, and other accessories to add a splash of colour and life without letting it become overwhelming. You can also create a focal wall using Benjamin Moore 2170-30 (Autumn Cover) and using Benjamin Moore CC-90 (Natural Linen) for a neutral and clean look on the other walls.

In the Dining Room

Dark, earthy oranges are wonderful for the dining room, creating a great mood and vibe. Think of the colour of the leaves on trees in Autumn. The darker tones will also stimulate conversation and eating while creating a more dramatic, moodier environment.

In the Bathroom

Picture crisp white tiles, a rich wood vanity and modern fixtures. Pop in orange towels and your bathroom becomes an invigorating space! Being such a bold colour, orange also has the power to detract attention from things you don't want people to see. Maybe you don't like your tiles? Add orange towels and it's the first thing you and your guests will see.