Nobelton Or Kleinburg? It’s Really a Matter of Taste


Published on: March 12, 2014 begs the question: “How do you take your lifestyle?” It asks this because it’s a tool designed to help individuals decide at which of two beautiful locations they should be living. Both King Country Estates in Nobleton, and Kleinburg Hills of Kleinburg offer similar living options: both start from the low $800,000s, and both offer dream living spaces that are incredibly desirable.

They are only about 10 minutes away from each other yet offer distinct styles of living unique to their respective locations. Both have four model homes to discover, and are near Highways 400, 427, and 407, with incredibly convenient access to the Etobicoke North and King City GO Transit stations.

How does one decide then? Which location is the right one for you? The difference between the two really comes down to a matter of taste.

In King Country Estates in Nobleton one can expect lots of open space, a closer relationship with nature, and the chance to live in a wonderfully designed home on beautiful properties ranging from 40 to 63 feet.

In Kleinburg Hills, one will enjoy village-style living surrounded by art and an opportunity to live in a magnificent home situated on lots ranging from 40 to 60 feet.

Each location is being developed by CountryWide Homes and Aspen Ridge Homes, so one can expect homes to be built to the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. The list of amenities for each site is expansive and they rival – and even surpass – many similar areas. From local cafés, and eateries to shopping and great schools, these two sites are standouts for quality living.

It doesn’t end there though; both Kleinburg Hills and King Country boast focused amenities to delight people looking for that extra special something in the area they live. From soaring 10-foot-high ceilings to granite countertops, and Italian and French inspired designs, the homes you’ll find at either location are definitions of class, and draped in luxury and elegance.

In Kleinburg, it’s all about the McMichael Canadian Collection gallery. Art thrives in this town, so if you love for art, Kleinburg Hills may be the place for you.

King Country could be the community for you if you enjoy nature and the rolling hills with neighing horses and pristine pastoral landscapes.

You’re still not sure where you belong? Visit and find out; you could win a Miele CM 5200 Barista automatic coffee machine.