Smart Closet Organization Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Whether you need closet organization ideas, a complete cleansing and rejuvenation, a small closet cleaning, or a large closet overhaul, here are some tips to help you tackle that project and regain peace of mind that you lost amid the chaos!

Clobber the clutter:

The first step to any organization project is to get rid of the clutter. You know it’s true. That Christmas gift from your great Aunt Mabel? Thoughtful but completely not your style. Those pair of skinny jeans you are sure will fit again-one day, fingers crossed. The sale item that looked so good on you- in your mind. Yes. It’s finally time to say goodbye! For more closet organizing ideas and to further and assist in the decluttering process, grab some boxes! Divide unwanted clothing into three separate piles: donate, sell and trash. If items have rips and tares, add to the trash pile and find a local eco textile- recycling outlet.

Organize by season:

There is a “season” for seasonal clothes. While you probably don’t want to get rid of seasonal clothes, they can clog up your space. So, compromise. Place seasonal clothes in marked bins and store them in an attic or another out-of-the-way space like the high shelves in your closet or a storage bench at your bed’s foot. The bonus is that when the season changes, you get to “go shopping” in those bins! A great closet organization idea is to use labels. The more effectively you use labels and tags, the less time you spend looking for the other pair of fuzzy socks or that puffer jacket you haven’t seen since last fall.

Create zones:

Here’s a closet organization idea right from the retail stores you know and love, zoning. Zoning or organizing clothes by type and colour goes a long way, both aesthetically and practically. Aesthetically, zoning provides a visual sense of order and eliminates the chaotic vibe that sometimes deters us from sale sections. Zoning helps you find what you are looking for in a pinch. It also helps with “mixing and matching,” giving a fresh feel to clothes you already have and reducing the need for more. For a DIY closet organizational idea, insert printable clothing dividers to differentiate between sizes or seasons.

Clear the shoes:

Consider reducing your shoe collection. However, it’s understandable if you simply can’t live without that completely cool pair, then try this: shoes that are not delicate (like coloured flip flops) can be tossed into a bucket. Shoes that you use daily can be placed in a mudroom or a small space near a door. Shoes that you use only occasionally can be stored in the closet. Use a hanging shoe organizer, a shoe rack, or another creative storage option to organize that fancy footwear. Keeping your shoes organized and off the floor helps the grab and go process.

Add a little beauty:

Finally, combine form and function! Use printed paper boxes or a trendy pull-out-basket shelf for storage. Hang a picture or decorative item to personalize the space. If your closet is a walk-in, hang a decorative mirror or position a unique footstool to add interest and help you dress. Hang jewellery on pretty, unique hooks to create wall art. Organize ties by colour and arrange them on a shelf or in a drawer, use shower curtain rings on a hanger to organize colourful silk scarves as an art exhibit for the eye as well as a way to quickly find what you need.

Now that you’ve implemented the closet organizational ideas into your closet, remember to keep it organized by putting things away instead of just putting them down! The few extra seconds it takes to fold the sweater and put it in the sweater box will be worth it when your beautiful closet creation is maintained and when you need to get dressed in a flash because you overslept! Enjoy your success and peace of mind!