The Positive Effects of the Spring Season

Say goodbye to the harsh chill of winter. Say so long to the cold temperatures, dark evenings, and dry air. Spring has sprung and is definitely in full swing. The grass has risen, the birds are chirping, and there’s more warmth and sunlight bathing our city. But did you know that there are loads of positive effects of the spring season we see on a biological level? Keep reading to learn more!


More Sunlight

The advent of spring heralds the return of that lovely ball of burning gas we like to call The Sun. Of course, it was always there throughout the winter, but the short days and frequent overcast conditions often hid its glorious rays.

Now, however, we’ve had Daylight Saving Time, overcast conditions are becoming less and less regular, and the temperature is warming. With this change comes a great deal of positive effects that we all experience.

It’s been categorically proven that when we get more sunlight, our general mood is vastly improved. The inclusion of receiving more vitamin D as well helps to increase our energy levels and encourages better mental processing. This can drastically improve our day-to-day outlook and even provide better sleep as a result.


Returning Sounds of Nature

There’s a reason the following phrase: The dead of winter, retains such an immovable place in the human lexicon. It’s because when we’re smack dab in the middle of winter there appear to be little signs of natural life aside from our own human activity.

If one were to walk out their door in the depths of February it’s likely the only sounds one would hear would be the cruel whipping of the wind and the desolate cadence of a barren wasteland. There are no birds, no audible critters, and no insects.

While many of us aren’t keen on seeing the return of the six-legged minuscule hordes that plague our forests and wetlands, it’s still a deeply ingrained facet of nature that tells our minds to associate them with the return of life to the land.

More than that are the pleasing psychological effects we feel from the less intrusive forms of wildlife. The influx of returning avians from down south, the new life produced by woodland critters, and the softly soothing sounds of leaves swaying gently in the breeze, are all major identifiers that tell our brains that spring is here, and life continues on.


Higher Availability of Fresh Fruit and Produce

Studies have shown that when a person’s diet includes more fresh fruit and produce, they feel happier and their life expectancy goes up. With the arrival of spring there results in more outdoor markets and all the freshly grown items with which it is accompanied.

Some studies have even proven that when a person includes more fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet, it can produce a positive mental effect, not unlike the elation people feel when they come from unemployed to finding gainful and satisfying work.


It’s Easy to Go Outside

No bundling up required! Feel like going for a walk? Simply put on your shoes and step outside. Want to take your exercise routine to the streets? Go for it!

It’s been proven that having more fresh oxygen circulating throughout your body improves mental functioning and overall positive perception. Working out outside can also decrease tension, increased energy levels, and made people more likely to exercise as a result of experiencing such positive effects.

Feeling Fine from the Effects of the Spring Season

Overall, there are many remarkably positive effects of the spring season. From the return of nature to the ease and convenience of warmer weather, there are very few people who disdain the approach of this pleasant time of year and all the hope it carries.