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Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture

You just purchased a new house and you are thrilled with the idea of finding the perfect furniture to fit in your new dream home. You value design, whether it be in your family room, dining room or your child's bedroom. Whether is a condo apartment or a single family house in a new community, choosing the ideal table, couch or desk can define your home’s identity and functionality for the next few years.

Here is a list of some of the things that you should be aware of:

Shape and Colours:

Is this particular furniture colour a fad or will it last through time? Does it reflect your personality? How does it interact with other objects in the room? Choose a colour that you won’t get tired of easily. It doesn’t mean that you need to only choose neutral or common colours, but you can find a balance between your favourite colours and harmonize them with the whole ambiance.


Is the piece solid and heavy or is it light and fragile? Does the construction of the furniture match its functionality? A fine piece of furniture should last longer, so avoiding light aluminum frames and selecting solid wood could guarantee an extended lifespan.

Size and weight:

Small items like poufs and stools should be light enough to be moved around the room without scratching and damaging the floor and walls. Also, keep in mind the most commonly used paths throughout the house and purchase furniture that won’t be in your way.

Wooden surfaces:

Some types of furniture have exposed wood and the colours can alter with time. If you want to avoid future problems like fading wood, you can apply UV resistant finishes on wooden surfaces.


In areas that will be used frequently, it is better to choose a slightly darker fabric colour. Also, if you have toddlers and pets, you may want to reconsider delicate and light fabric in general.

Take advantage of free services:

Some stores offer complimentary design consultations and can give you valuable suggestions when planning the decor of your house.


Your new home is where your family spends time together, and it is the place that you will enjoy the most. Choosing furniture that creates a pleasant, welcoming appearance while standing up to everyday life is the key to getting your new space working according to your needs.


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