Upper Cornell Sells-Out

Published on: April 21, 2015

Just two weeks ago the second phase of Upper Cornell in Markham was released to a flurry of excitement. So much so that the whole site sold out in just one day! This is a testament to the faith CountryWide homeowners put into our products. The popularity of a location isn’t enough to form long-lasting trust and solidify faith in a brand; so selling out in just one a day let’s us know that we’re doing things right.  We’re incredibly proud of what we’re about to build at Upper Cornell because we believe our buyer’s choose us because of our enduring attention to quality, craftsmanship, finish, customer service, and design. If you’re looking for your perfect new home, trust CountryWide to deliver one that will hold its value, please your whole family, and last a lifetime. Although you won’t be able to buy at Upper Cornell we offer a vast array of world-class developments that might just be perfect for you and your family. Thank you to all of our owners for your trust; we work hard to build it for you.