Window Covering Solutions

Selecting window fashions is often a complicated decorating decision. There are many practical and aesthetic considerations. But taking the time to consider these questions will help perfect the art of window dressing:

Is privacy a key factor?

A general rule of thumb is that if you can see out through closed window treatments during the day, others can see in at night. Look for window fashions that offer a combination of sheer fabric to maintain a view of the outside and rotating fabric vanes for variable light control and privacy both during the day and into the night.

Do you have too much or too little light entering the room?

Light is a great natural resource that can be altered to suit your needs. Consider draperies or shades with rotating vanes to direct light where it’s needed most and consider darkening shades or complete blackout shading systems for bedrooms and/or media rooms.

Is outside noise a problem?

If your windows face a crowded street, sound can be a problem, especially at night. Look for window fashions that are layered and offer sound absorption.

Do you have young children or pets in your home?

To help protect against potential dangers posed by window covering cords, look for cordless lifting systems.

What about hard to reach windows?

For very large windows or those that are high up, motorized window fashions may be the best solution. These possibilities are endless.

Aesthetic Considerations

When it comes to aesthetics, you need to consider:

  • The proportions of the room
  • Textures, colours and patterns that work best in your environment
  • Decorating your windows on a room-by-room basis, starting with the principal rooms