Winter Activities to Embrace the Cold


As Canadians, we do not fear the onset of winter. We do not cower before its frigid grasp. We embrace the cold and resist its icy tendrils, reaching ever forward to fill our hearts with its chill. Winter is a part of who we are, and it’s how we choose to deal with it that, in part, defines us as a people. No matter where come from, living here makes you a Canadian, and we are a resilient folk who harbour the spirit of the pioneers that came before us. We trek through hardship and the thick bush of adversity to forge our destiny and let nothing stand in our way. Although winter now dominates our landscape and besets our homes with ice and snow, we still find it within ourselves to step outside our door and conquer the cold with fierce determination. Here are a few winter activities to help you embrace the cold.

Carving up the Slopes

Skiing and snowboarding are possibly two of the most fun, most exhilarating ways to embrace the cold. Bundling up in the appropriate gear and getting your legs moving while travelling at incredibly fast speeds is a one-of-a-kind experience. Although it takes some time to learn how to ski safely and competently at high speeds, once you’ve achieved the ability you’ll feel like an alpine paragon. Ontario has several great options for skiing, but to really get some vertical we’d recommend heading to Quebec or B.C for some truly awe-inspiring adventures.

Sledding or Tobogganing

This is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. Like with skiing and snowboarding, it’s important to remember to always wear a helmet and any other protective gear you might desire. However, for this fun experience, all you need is a sled, toboggan, or a crazy carpet, and the means to take said sledding objects to a sizeable hill. After that, you just point yourself in the direction of the descent and slide your way into a speed-induced nirvana.


This is more of a sustained activity, but it allows you to witness the majesty of this frost-bound time of year in greater clarity. Forests are often the best place in which to conduct a hike, as the wind has a harder time reaching you after it’s wound its way through a horde of trees. Excellent and comfortable footwear is highly encouraged for this activity, as is taking all the proper safety precautions if you plan on going anywhere particularly remote. Hiking in the winter can be a thoroughly enjoyable activity, but as with any outdoor excursion, remember to be prepared.

Ice Skating

This graceful activity is another family-friendly choice and is a perfect date night plan as well. It requires relatively little equipment (compared to other activities like skiing, for instance) and is a great low-energy, sustained way to get some exercise. As with sledding, skiing, and snowboarding we do recommend the full range of safety equipment, especially a helmet. But with that said, going for an ice skating excursion can be done both indoors and outdoors, so grab the kids, grab the spouse, and get those feet a-skating.