Woodland Hills Grand Opening

Woodland Hills Grand Opening

Published on: May 21, 2014

The Woodland Hills development in Newmarket opened on Saturday May 10th to incredible success! This is no surprise as it offers beautiful conservation lots, in an up and coming area, while presenting towns from the mid-400’s, and singles from the mid-500’s, with lots ranging from 25-45 feet. Both Aspen Ridge and CountryWide Homes still have homes available; however, they are selling quickly. The demand for the area is quite high as Newmarket has proven itself to be the next great living, and investment destination in York Region. The development itself is situated in a lovely pocket within Newmarket’s borders, and has an aura of sustainability, and green-living that surrounds it and encourages neighbourly unity and harmony. This is a place that feels incredibly safe and secure; a perfect location to raise little ones! The area boasts an array of highly rated schools, parks, and recreational facilities as well.

The town of Newmarket is focused on cherishing, and preserving its natural green spaces, which means there will always be places to play, explore, and relax as a family. Woodland Hills takes that idea a step further by suggesting it is a place that allows you to “protect what you cherish;” this might be interpreted as your children, or devotion to keeping nature thriving and alive, but, whatever the case may be, it’s quite obvious that Woodland Hills in Newmarket is a development with its heart in the right place, and it just so happens to be in the heart of York Region.

A Sunday drive through Newmarket’s quaint downtown, or a bustling jaunt through world-class Upper Canada Mall reveals a town that lives comfortably at both ends of the historical spectrum. It’s apparent that the community takes pride in its storied past, yet is intent on moving forward and living on the razor’s edge as a modernly functional, ergonomic, and sustainable place. Most importantly though, is the fact that Newmarket still values said community; neighbourly fraternization and dependence still exists here. We’re talking about a town where people feel comfortable sending their children to the park on a sunny day, or allowing them to cruise their bicycles up and down the sidewalk without fear; that’s a rare occurrence in our modern world; however, Newmarket has made it clear that there is no intention to lose that calm, content feeling. It’s a place where neighbour means more than just next-door.

So hurry in to either Aspen Ridge Homes or CountryWide Homes to have your choice of remaining lots; you’ll be happy you did, and your family will be too.